Building a system to match faces to a database
Pranav Lal from India  [9 posts]
6 years
Hi all,

I want to build a face matching system using roborealm. I need the program to do the following.
1. Monitor 4 IP cameras. These cameras are from a company called Dahua.
2. Whenever the program finds a face, it should check its library of faces. if a match is found, the name matching the face, and the date and time it was detected should be recorded in a log. If there is no match, then that fact should be recorded too.
3. If a match is found, then the matching name should be spoken.

I have tested the face recognition module which does detect the presence of faces using my USB webcam. I am unable to find a way to interface the dahua cameras with roborealm. These cameras can talk to VLC media player via streaming though. In addition, how do I handle the name matching? I suspect I will have to use the object recognition module.

My database consists of images of faces. Each file contains a single face. The file name is the matches with that of the person the face belongs to.

The idea behind the above program is to create a security system for myself. I am blind and existing artificial vision techmologies do not allow me to recognise faces. Yes, I doubt the system will be 100% reliable but this is an experiment.

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