Anonymous  [2 posts]
6 years
The current offer for a one use license looks great but my bot is running on WindowsXP. Is that an issue with the latest release of RoboRealm? Thanks!
David Chik from Japan  [31 posts] 6 years
Why don't you just try the free version to see if it works?

Anonymous  [2 posts] 6 years
Oh, I have it and it's running fine but it's an older version. Looks like the new should work okay though.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1413 posts] 6 years
Should be fine, we had some install issues (missing libs) on XP a couple months ago but that was the only issue we have been aware of in months specific to XP.

You'll find it more problematic with running other .net applications or the latest drivers for some hardware devices. If you don't expect to do that, XP is a good RR platform!


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