irobot create auto move
David Chik from Japan  [31 posts]
9 years
I am trying to move the irobot create using VBScript

SetVariable "left_motor", 118
SetVariable "right_motor", 138

I find that, in order to see the variables left_motor and right_motor in the irobot create module, I need to run the VBScript first. But after that, when I select left_motor, the robot moves instantly, so I have to stop it. Then I select right_motor as well, but when I click start again, the robot does not move. Is it a bug or something?
David Chik from Japan  [31 posts] 9 years
OK. Just prepare the VBScript module and the iRobot Create module when the Create machine is turned OFF. When everything is ready, turn on the machine and press reload and run.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1443 posts] 9 years
Couple additions to that:

1. Always place your robot on blocks when testing ... ie. ensure its above the ground so it can't run away from you. Good to do from small to large robots!

2. You can also press the Stop button in the Create interface and then press Start again when ready to go.


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