Kinect RGB image anomalies
John Davis  [71 posts]
11 year
Kinect module working well in RR 2.49.13 with Microsoft drivers on Windows 7, but a couple of odd effects:

      1280x1024 image is flipped horizontally.
      If image is larger than 320x240, the webserved image is only the upper left quadrant.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 11 year

Can you double check the latest version for the flipped image and see if the H flip checkbox fixes that?

In terms of the webimage, you'll have to manually go in and change the index.html file in the webroot folder to include a larger size. Where ever you see 320 and 240  in that file (2 places) you will need to change to 1280 and 1024 to show the full image.

John Davis  [71 posts] 11 year
I tested the page size in 2.50.1 with a heavily pruned index.html and my robot truck .robo file saved with a Logitech 9000 camera set to 1280x1024.  After RR restarted, the camera had lapsed back to 320x240.  However, after I set it to 1280x1024, the web display was still bad.

RR 2.50.10 seems to be doing the same thing, although it chops off the last four lines of my program (referenced in another thread).

I'll try the Kinect again over the weekend.

John Davis  [71 posts] 11 year
Tested RR 2.50.12 on Win 7 with simple two-line program,


Only the RGB display was activated to simplify the problem.

The left-right flipping requirement and the area displayed in 320x240 mode are both dependent on history in the editor.  Select the Microsoft_Kinect line and press Edit.  Then start switching around between 320x240, 640x480, and 1280x1024.  Sometimes, in the same resolution, you need to check the H Flip box - and sometimes you don't.  What you see at 320x240 depends on the previous resolution setting!  The image is always live, I think, because I can see my hand wave in front of the Kinect.

Note: this RR version also fixed the missing lines - it was a Python issue.

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