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Hoejin Kim from United States  [7 posts]
5 years


I am working on connecting RR with Network Camera which is LG LW352-F.
The connection type is crossover cable, not a USB.
I tried it by using Read_HTTP function,
but I couldn't find any type of camera at camera type which is fit for this camera.
Do I need to know the URL of camera? or try different function ?

techdetect from United States  [27 posts] 5 years
You don't need the camera type, leave that blank.  Just the URL.  If you have Mozilla firefox you can get the URL for the camera which is different from the IP address for it.  Threw me off a bit but got my wireless camera working with robo.   The first thing you should do is verify that it works and you can see images from it from any other environment or program.   Note: you need the URL to the camera assuming you have this as a wireless camera.
See the documentation page on this website and look for HTTP read.  Look close to the bottom of the page and follow example.  I got mine set up that way.  Good luck,

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