Beep Output and Object Reconition
Guido from Italy  [7 posts]
11 year
In the documentation online in "Processing Pipeline": ... When the Run button is activated the source image is captured, fed through each of the modules and then displayed. Ounces this has been accomplished the next image is captured and the process repeated....

The content of my pipeline is :

Object Recognition C:\Docum... what it works well.
if OBJECT_NAME = template then

The name of the image is template.

If I impose the condition OBJECT_NAME and it is verified, because it doesn't make the Beep ?

And if condition is not verified, the pipeline must not continue.(of this I would want a confirmation)

As I can resolve the problem of the Beep  ?

Thanks to everybody
Anonymous 11 year
I have tried to restart RR and the Beep it works.
This is anomalous, because RR apparently worked.

However I have the problem that continually makes Beep, while I would want that when it recognizes an image it makes only 1 Beep, and then after 2 seconds, the time that needs for visualizing the following image, it restarts again the procedure from the beginning.

Thanks to whom will answer me.

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