FIRST FRC 2013 "Visual Targeting" Tutorial adapted for Kinect
Team 4150 FRobotics from United States  [1 posts]
6 years

We find Roboreal extremely helpful, but we ran into problems when trying to use the Kinect sensor with one of the Distance calculating tutorials ("Visual Targeting" for Ultimate Ascent FRC Game tutorials).

Everything is filtered correctly and we get the same image that the tutorial does, but when it comes to the VBS script, we run into problems when calculating the distance to the target. In the VBS Script Program, it says it is calibrated for the Axis Camera and not the Kinect, so I know where the problem is. Specifically, we can't find the "BFR_Coordinate" array in the "Available Variables" section of the dialog box for the VBS Program. The error message we get out is there is a problem with "CInt."

One final question: What is the Camera FOV for the Kinect, because all of a sudden the program file found the webpage of the tutorial started working but the Distance is calculated as 1/5 of what it should be.

Thanks for your help.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1413 posts] 6 years
Most likely what is happening is that nothing within the Kinect's view is being understood as a rectangle which would remove the BFR_Coordinate from exisiting ... if there is no BFR_COORDINATE then check that something to detect is in view. If something is in view, then one of the modules is causing it to be accidentally removed.

Perhaps you can post one of the images that you think should be being detected but in fact is producing no BFR_Coordinate. You can know this by clicking on the Blob Replace module. If the image is blank then its been removed, if you see a nice rectangle then its working.

Please post the raw Kinect image (i.e. the one you see when you select the Kinect module in the pipeline so that we can use that to see where its getting removed (we just select  each module in the pipeline in succession and see where it becomes blank).

We have seen the vertical FOV of the Kinect at 43 degrees(on the web). We ended up using 43.85 last year which seems to provide the best results at least for us.


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