retrain on change not work
Marco Capolupi from Italy  [3 posts]
6 years
Hi i'd like to change the image templete of the object recognition module at runtime. For do that i'll think to change the directory parameter of the modulo( via API ) and lauch a ROBOfile whit only the object recognition module for update templete. But when i lauch the robofile a popup appera that say :
Warning could not monitor '<directory_of_usage>'  for change.

Please help me.
Marco Capolupi from Italy  [3 posts] 6 years
Same problem here.
I can do a vbscript with:
PushButton "Object_recognition", 0, "Train"

but I don't know how to click on "Start" on the next window..
Steven from Your Country  [1376 posts] 5 years

If you check the Train dialog interface (where you specify the folder to train) you will see a "monitor folder" checkbox. If you check that, RR will watch that folder and auto-retrain when that folder changes. So once that is setup, you can just overwrite or delete or add images to that folder from your app without needing to do anything in RR.

If you have already done this, and that's the reason you are getting the popup warning, then check that your folder actually exists. If it does, perhaps the folder is under UAC and RoboRealm does not have the correct access rights to monitor that folder (likely in Win7). So try your current solution on another folder (like your desktop) that may have permissions that allow monitoring.

Ideally, you should not need to press the "start" button. But if you find that the above two issues are not resolvable we can add a command variable that when present will force a retrain (but based on the issues above that may not work either).


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