Visual Anchor values jump on Re-Acquire
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Visual Anchor re-acquire produces jumps in the anchor numbers. I tried to upload an AVI demonstrating this but it kept hanging so I'll just describe what happens.

All I had was VA and the anchor values displayed with Display Variables. I would select a target then rotate horizontally away so the anchor shows 50-60 pixels difference. Then clicked re-acquire and the anchor numbers changed to higher values. I then re-targeted, rotated, reacquired and the numbers again change. The last time I did this in the video the anchor numbers became very big.

My reading of the documentation is that with reacquire the anchor number should stay the same but now the target is in the center of the new image. Basically this would allow you to pan around in a circle tracking the number of pixels to make the full circle, as one illustration.
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Finally captured some video using VA. See attached WMV and ROBO files.

When VA is stable on a target the robot does well tracking in a straight line even though it is just using proportional control.

What I see happening is the target often drifts. Perhaps this is because the robot is outside and the environment is very target rich. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) By which I mean when VA examines the new image it easily finds something similar enough that it accepts it as the new target.

Suggestions on how to stabilize the target selection?

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