Interfacing AVM Navigator with ArduPilot APM 2.5
Johnson Ang from Singapore  [5 posts]
11 year
Hi there,

My name is Johnson from Singapore and currently doing a project for my course of study in Aerospace System.

I would like to seek help and advise will the program (AVM Navigator) be able to interface with the board (Ardupilot APM 2.5) which i'm using for my quadcopter.

The aim is to fly the craft autonomously in an indoor environment.

Please advise and what is the things need for the interfacing.

Thanks in advance.

Johnson (SG)
EDV  [328 posts] 11 year
You should just develop your own VBScript program that converts value of control variables of AVM Navigator (such as NV_FORWARD, NV_BACKWARDS, NV_LEFT, NV_RIGHT, NV_TURRET_RIGHT or NV_L_MOTOR, NV_R_MOTOR) to convenient form for controlling of your quadcopter.

See for example this thread:
Johnson Ang from Singapore  [5 posts] 11 year
Thanks for the reply EDV. Another question, does AVM Navigator need GPS in order to work?
EDV  [328 posts] 11 year
No, does it not need.
AVM Navigator needs only in video from robot camera for navigation.

See details here:

Demo video:

It is enough difficult route that was passed by robot
with help AVM Navigator (route training and passing):

Autonomous navigation view from outside:
Johnson Ang from Singapore  [5 posts] 11 year
Thanks for the reply. Have read from the wiki and understand that the drones need to be train to recognise the area first before it can move autonomously. I'm correct with that?
EDV  [328 posts] 11 year
Yes, you are right. First you should train AVM Navigator on the route before autonomous robot navigation.
Johnson Ang from Singapore  [5 posts] 11 year
Ok.... So it is not possible for the drones to navigate itself before the training. Is there any program out there for autonomous drones navigation.
Johnson Ang from Singapore  [5 posts] 11 year
Hi there,

Can advise which one below is needed to be purchase?

RoboRealm Academic (requires application)
AVM Navigator Module
DVR Module


Best Regards,

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