Serial module is not communicating
Petr from Czech Republic  [13 posts]
7 years
Iím playing with serial module now. Maybe Iím doing something wrong, but it seems to me, that this module is not sending data to other com port than first com port in the list (in my case to com1). Iím receiving same response when I set any of available com ports from drop down menu. My virtual usb com port is com26 (serial compass) and if I choose this com26 port, after I reopen serial module, it is set always to com1.

I have tried to communicate with compass from old Windows Hyper Terminal and it have correct response there, but nothing from RR. Is there some trick Iím missing?
Petr from Czech Republic  [13 posts] 7 years
Maybe this problem is connected just to virtual serial port created by Pololu Maestro device. After many testing it seems to me, that RR works with other direct COM ports just OK.

I set Maestro device in Control Center to USB Dual Port mode and the problematic virtual COM port I need to use is called in PC device manager: Pololu Mini Maestro 18-Channel USB Servo Controller TTL Port (COM26).

If I choose this port in serial module in RR and close this module, when I open it again, it always open first nonvirtual port in the list and it evidently donít sent any commands to Maestro (green led on Maestro does not blink), but if I do the same in HyperTerminal, it works OK (green led on Maestro makes one blink always when I sent some command to this port) and I receive response from compass connected to Maestro TX/RX pins.
Petr from Czech Republic  [13 posts] 6 years
Any help? Please...
Steven Gentner from United States  [1413 posts] 6 years

We typically don't reply back if we have nothing to add .. which is the case here. I've no idea why hyperterminal would work but RR would not. We were waiting to see if any one else has a similar issue but have not heard anything. The serial module is very frequently used and currently you are the only one having issues with it. The Maestro is also frequently used and no one else but you is having problems with it (at least that we are aware off). So we don't know what the issue may be.

We have checked both the serial module and the Maestro when you first posted and have verified that everything appears to be ok on our systems. The only suggestion we have is to ensure that you are using an up-to-date version of RR and perhaps try to "Run as Administrator" to ensure that you have full access to the system ... but given that you still have Hyperterminal you are probably using an older OS so this doesn't apply.

The other option is to try on another machine and see if the problem persists.


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