Avoids Border
Steve from United Kingdom  [2 posts]
11 year
When using the avoids border, the top, bottom and left borders work fine but nothing seems to be happening to the right hand edge. The image shows no matter how much of it is touching the edge of the screen.
The images has a black background with a white image

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 11 year

If that is the actual image that is resulting it would not be filtered based on touching the right border. The reason is that there are 8 pixels between it and the right border. It actually has to touch the border to be removed.

What you might try is to crop the image by that much and then run the filter. The other possibility is that some filters will cause that border to be created (due to their limitation in processing border pixels). So you may need to filter, crop, and then do a final filter.

If you include the robofile we can better investigate which attribute calculation may be causing that border and reduce its effects.

Steve from United Kingdom  [2 posts] 11 year
Thanks for that.
I originally had the cropat the end of the stack. Putting it at the beginning seems to have done the job

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