Interfacing 20kpps X-Y Galvo / Galvanometer scanner with Roborealm
Aman Rana from United States  [31 posts]
7 years
Hey guy
I am new one here. I am wondering if it possible to interface 20kpps X-Y Galvo / Galvanometer scanner with Roborealm  so that processed image can be drawn on wall in realtime? Any kind of help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Anonymous 7 years

Yes, it is certainly possible assuming one has access to what commands the scanner accepts in order to move the laser and switch it on/off. I assume that you have this scanner? Do you have any documentation attached to that device that indicates this type of command structure where you can control the scanner over a serial port connection? This information would be required in order for us to write such a module.

A quick search didn't give us much in terms of this kind of control.


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