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Nelly from United Kingdom  [2 posts]
6 years

I'm working on a project by which a robotic arm will sort out a pile of several thousand stamps. What I'm finding difficult is choosing what type of image/object processing I should be doing. As you'll appreciate stamps come in various shapes and sizes, but when using a fixed camera the pictures still so shouldn't be that intensive. The plan eventually is to integrate barcode scanning to enable the software to create a database of stamps with corresponding data on the items going through. This will all be done at reasonably high speed (1 every second).

Using the image processor it works fine when the image being tested is the original. But then using the same type of stamp on an envelope seems to send my pc crazy (using objects at this stage). It's a 1.8ghz dual processor searching 7,000 stamps, yet the screen freezes.

In your experience what can I do to resolve this please?

Many thanks in advance.
Anonymous 6 years

7,000 stamps is certainly quite a big database. Can we ask for a couple (~10) of the stamps you have in the database and the image that you were testing on an envelope?

The issue is really one of technique. There are many methods that work for object recognition that are generalized techniques to try to accommodate may different situations .. but at the expense of CPU power. Given that you have a very narrow use it may be possible to tune a method to work for you in your situation.

Which technique are you currently using?

Nelly from United Kingdom  [2 posts] 6 years
Hi Steven,

Thank you for getting in touch. As requested Iíve attached some images. Thereís one with a barcode Iíve been using to test how the software can track an image thatís being processed via a conveyor belt.

Apologies for not replying sooner, I emailed back but the forum appears to not of processed my email.

I look forward to your advice and guidance.

Many thanks in advance,


STeven from United States  [1403 posts] 6 years

Based on the images that you attached, the object recognition module is probably not the way to go. 7000 image would be too much for that to handle. The only option you have is to use the Image_Match module which is built for much larger databases but only uses color as the identifying feature. Based on the stamp that you included last (the one with the red and blue markings) that would cause that module to fail too. If too much of the colors are different it will not create a good match.

If you can place the stamps in a known location without any rotation or scale difference it is possible to configure the Object Recognition Template matching to just check each template only once per image (i.e. remove the X, Y and scale searching by unclicking those checkboxes) which may be able to handle a couple hundred images.

Other than that, you'll have to describe more about the environment in hopes to remove features in order to speed up the search. Knowing that the color will not be the same has already invalidated what we thought may work.

Getting a GPU can help out too but that's very dependent on the technique being used. Unfortunately there is no one solution that works for everything.


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