Camera Solution Without Port Forwarding
Alex from United States  [4 posts]
6 years
I am currently successfully using the Foscam FI8918W where the camera and the computer running are connected to an intranet over wifi.  

I would now like to put the ip camera on a different wifi network and send the pictures to the computer in my network.  Typically this is done using port forwarding on the network with the ip camera.  Unfortunately I do not have the ability to do port forwarding on the new network.  I am open to using a different camera or combination of camera and microcontroller.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to transfer pictures to a server (the server running Roborealm) on a different network without using port forwarding?  I think I will need to replace the ip camera's built in web server solution with a client solution that connects (using port 80) to the network running a web server.  Has anyone done something like that before so that I do not need to use port forwarding?  If yes, can you give me a link so that I do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Thank you
Anonymous 6 years

Yes, you would have to replace the software on the camera in order to do this. Or if you can install another machine in that foreign network it could act as a relay or gateway server. I.e. it would connect to the camera within the same network but then send that data outside the network to either your machine or another relay that can get it to your machine.

This technique is typically done in gotomeeting or citrix type screensharing products that are behind firewalls. They use a common central point to relay information from one network to the next.

Either way its a lot of work ... but perhaps software like this already exists. Worth a google search to see what comes up.

Maybe check what sites like justin.tv use to get video up and available.


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