RoboRealm and wifi
Stanley Venable from United States  [4 posts]
10 years
I'm using a Trossen RoboTurret Vision Tracking set up. Works fine, but I would like to make it wireless. Is this possible. Is there a way to send everything from the usb wirelessly?

I thought of trying some of the robots that are sold as wireless but those that are already set up for roborealm are mostly no longer being sold, like Wow we and the parallax bo bot, even spykee doesn't seem to be available anymore.
Anonymous 10 years
Not sure which version of the Turret you are using ... but if it is the most recent then you could look at any Arduino wireless serial connection like XBee to make the PC to Arduino connection wireless.

There are also USB to ethernet bridges that may also work for this. (As in the USB connection looks normal to a PC but it is over wireless 802.11). Products in this space are mainly used for printers.

Or you could also look at boards like wifly


or you might be able to purchase an Arduino with a wifi connection.


Stanley Venable from United States  [4 posts] 10 years
Thanks very much for quick reply. I'll be looking at all of these. My basic problem is getting the video back to RoboRealm. I want to be able use RoboRealm while I move my desktop turret around on my roving robot. That actually requires both the arduino and the camera to be wireless. I see that someother robots are already set up for that in RoboRealm. I'm pretty much at a loss with how to do it from scratch. Well I'll checkout your sugestions and see what I can come up with.
Thanks verymuch for the help.

Alan Coggins from Australia  [32 posts] 10 years
Hi Stan,

Another option you might want to consider is to use a compact PC as a sort of robot server. You can run RR on this and it will handle the webcam - if you add a usb wireless adapter you can do everything from your PC via remote desktop. This is the one I used:


Mind you, I've gone to a lot of trouble and expense and I've only just managed to make something that has the same functions as my old Spykee robot!
Stanley Venable from United States  [4 posts] 10 years
Hi Alan,

I have been looking at this solution ever since you posted. It's exactly what I want to accomplish but I'm not sure I can afford It. Besides the pc there would be upgrade cost for handling all the weight. I'm wondering if the Rasberry pi might be workable? It's running on  linux, that's not good. Unfortunately I don't know enough about hardware to know if it could send usb info that can be read by windows. If you read this, let me know what you think.  Sheesh! What kind of motors do you need to drag around a lap top.

Alan Coggins from Australia  [32 posts] 10 years
Hi Stan - weight is not an issue. The mini-PC unit I am using is only 277g. There is a picture of my robot on this topic:


It's just mounted on a small chassis with 2 motors and works fine.
Anonymous 10 years

The Raspberry Pi is possible but only acting as an internet camera unless you are ok with much slower fps or a very small image (think 160x120). We can't use the GPU in it since that is proprietary.

Instead, you may just want to use an IP camera which already has wifi and a camera (you'd need to add both with the PI). Something like

$45 - http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?InvtId=BLK-APM-J012-WS-PB&utm_source=GoogleProducts&utm_medium=ShoppingSites&utm_campaign=BLK-APM-J012-WS-PB&zmam=2003677&zmas=15&zmac=241&zmap=BLK-APM-J012-WS-PB

might do the trick to do processing with a normal laptop/desktop.


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