arduino and webserver and maybe sparkfun wifly
Techdetect from United States  [28 posts]
8 years
Does anyone have anything using the Roborealm web server and the arduino mega and maybe the sparkfun wifly.  Don't have to use the wifly, just my wireless router.  I would like to use a web cam, specifically LOGITECH HD 720P.  

Steven, Could use your help here.  I am at a total loss here...
Anonymous 8 years
I'm not sure the direction here ... do you want to capture the image from the webserver/camera and sent it to the arduino? Or are you looking to just control the Mega from RR via the embedded webserver? Or are you looking to post from the Meta to the webserver?

We can probably get that shield and adapt the Mega module. Have you seen


which we've used before and is much less expensive.

Techdetect from United States  [28 posts] 8 years
No, no and no.  Sorry for the confusion as that is what i have been for the last few days working with the sparkfun wifly shield.  I already have three wifly shields, got them each for 5bucks, but they were from the ding and dents section.  So far one of the three work but i have only tested two.  The third is still yet to be soldered on.  
What i want to do is use the wifly and the arduino to send and recieve from an application (rr) or a webpage and control a wheeled robot.  I tried the webserver last night, was able to get a webcam to work over firefox but not with the wifly, only (rr).  that was nice.  If i had too, i would keep the camera attached to the labtop, and connect to the arduino and go that way but really wanted to use the wifly.  I am still trying to get the wifly working over the firefox but that is another day.  NOW back to the firefox.  I can see the image from my webcam but it takes about 10 seconds to upload the next image, If i click the roborealm image (display screen where you see what image (rr) is working with) it will update the firefox at each click(mouse)  Also, i am using Arduino IDE 1.0.1, the API files don't compile with the Arduino or in Processing.  I will haved to check exactly what the error codes are tonight and post them for you to see.  Thanks for moving this forward.

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