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Marcin from Poland  [6 posts]
6 years
I am trying to load .robo file using RoboRealm Server API. I am using C# program example downloaded from your website. The problem is that RR_API.loadProgram() method always returns true, even if the .robo file doesn't exist. Actually the problem is in the server not in the method itself, because server gives "<response>ok</response>" in response to <load_program> command, whether it loads the file or not.
Is it possible to correct this? It would improve debugging capabilities.
Marcin from Poland  [6 posts] 6 years
BTW I found a little mistake in C# example. In RR_API.saveImage() method <source> element is used instead of <name>. Because of that, the method saves currently visible image, not the chosen one. IMHO the API server should complain about unknown elements and attributes instead of giving "ok" response or at least add some warning in response.

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