Display variables - great feature!
Alan Coggins from Australia  [32 posts]
11 year
This program continues to surprise me with useful options. I've just discovered the "display variables" module - a brilliant way to keep track of what is happening with your project.

I'm building an independent  tracked robot and I can now continually monitor all of the relevant variables from the camera display screen. I can see the tilt on the camera, the height of the robotic arm and the state of the hand, how far in front of me an object is, and also monitor the battery voltage.

A fantastic heads-up display. Great work Roborealm!


Alan Coggins from Australia  [32 posts] 11 year
Just a follow up to this feature. If you want to see the display variables but don't want them to be cluttering up your image then you can use the "resize canvas" option under the "Display" section in the modules. This will increase the size of the display window, but not the actual webcam image ie it gives you some space for other stuff. You can also use "Translate" under the "Transforms" section to move the image to anywhere in the canvas, so it's possible to make a very neat arrangement of your display elements.

Anonymous 11 year

Nice touch! That does make the text a lot more legible.

Another technique you can use is the Display Image on a blank canvas to achieve a similar effect (esp if you need to also rotate or resize the image).

Cool tip!

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