Robert Page  [3 posts]
7 years
I'm working on a C++ application that uses the API.  
Sample C++ programs downloadable from the web site include source code for API.exe.  
I'm wondering if there is an existing compiled ready-to-run API.exe that comes along with roboRealm.exe that gets started when you check "Activate RoboReam API Server" in the Options window in RoboRealm.  If there is an existing compiled ready-to-run API.exe, where is it?
Anonymous 7 years

Yes, RoboRealm.exe functions in that way. It can understand the difference between being called as a GUI and as a background process. See the parameters on


specifically the

API Parameters

that outlines how to call RoboRealm.exe in the background.

FYI, that's why the examples use RoboRealm.exe to start the API.

Does that help?


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