WDM Capture no camera image but Snap works
PsySciGuy from United States  [1 posts]
6 years
Trying to us Blackmagic Intensity Pro. Interface is through WDM. I can not get the camera image to show up in RoboRealm but I can 'Snap" an image. Blackmagic WDM Capture shows up in the RoboRealm window header when I select it as the 'Camera' in the Options dialog. Neither the 'Video Source' or 'Video Format' buttons work. RoboReal worked on my lap top both with the built in camera and a Kodak web cam. I transferred the SW and license to a tower to use the Blackmagic card. RoboReal doesn't work with the webcam either. Tower running Vista Business 32 bit. Laptop was running Win 7 64 bit. Both work with other video SW.
Anonymous 6 years

Can you verify that:

1. The Camera button is pressed in the main RR interface

2. You have an empty pipeline (press the New button)

So you are saying that the Snapped image shows a good image but this is not seen in the main RR window?


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