Displayed image recognition and respond by running script software
Julius from Netherlands  [1 posts]
7 years

I'm looking for a method by which I can recognize a certain image on a computer screen (it's in a browser window, actually), and have software start a script or run a certain batch or shell-command as soon as a specific set image is seen on screen.

The image that needs to be recognized will consist of a specifically set number (for example "00:02") in a specific color setting (for example red digits on white background), so it can easily be matched to a preset example in advance. The important thing we need to do:
Have a real fast way/method (on the same computer showing the screen/image in the browser window) to respond to the appearance of this set image. The response would be immediate execution of a preset command/script. The entire process needs to be as fast as possible. It needs to be faster than the human eye to hand coordination, so basically, lightspeed response to the image appearing on screen;
Image being recognized -> script/command run should not take longer than a second or thereabouts.

If you have some way to do this, for example using your object recognition software or image matching or both in software that is able to run something as soon as it recognizes the preset unique image, could you please point me in the right direction to accomplish this in essence reasonably simple idea?

It will be used for research done at the Faculty of Science at a large university. Without any funding, but with significant medical consequences to human eye-to-brain communication and its improvement related to age. If we manage to accomplish this, the results will definitely be published in Nature and the likes, so I would of course ensure mentions of your company and such..

Looking forward to your response, for which I will be thankful in advance!


University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Anonymous 7 years

This is possible with the Screen Capture module and shape matching/object recognition. If you provide a couple screenshots of what needs to be recognized we can ensure that this actually works.

Note that this is not the quickest way to do this. Every window has text that can be accessed by other applications (via dll hooks) which is the way to do this ... but will either require a specialized application or custom programming. So if you need the best speed possible that's probably the way to go. If a slightly slower method works we can proceed with the visual method.


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