Error Message "Software Editor/Publisher unknown"
Eric Netzhammer from Switzerland  [2 posts]
7 years
Using  Version 2.42.13 (which worked well on XP SP3)  under W7
the Software gives back an error, for the Java applet of the webserver, when using it in a WebBrowser, in German "unbekannter Herausgeber" which means that the Software Producer / Editor / Publisher is unknown. And then W7 stops any activity, so as the WebServer Applet cannot be used.
I tried it with the newest version - 2.44.29 - it is the same
  Thanks for reading - and thanks for hints to solve the problem
Anonymous 7 years

Which browser are you using?

I assume the error comes from the browser with regards to the applet and not the actual RoboRealm desktop application ... or is W7 killing that too?

The issue is that the applet is not signed and w7 is much more picky about what it allows to run. Depending on the browser you can change its settings to allow for unsigned applets.

Alternatively, if you just want the image use


in Chrome or FireFox and you will get the image streamed in the browser without any need for an applet. The applet is for IE and for allowing button presses, etc. to send info back to RR. But for image only streaming the other browsers can use the url directly.

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