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I was wondering how well RoboRealm worked with a projector?  I am interested in using a projector to do some augmented reality work.  Unfortunately I do not have a projector or the money to spend on one.  The only problem I could think of would be the background of an image.  For example, if you wanted to display a green circle on a wall is there anyway not to display the pixels around it? Is there any way not to display the white pixels of the example I attached?

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Anonymous 12 year

That's not something we have tried directly but should be possible. Assuming you use black instead of white that will not project any light in those areas. So in your example if you color them black the only 'projected color' would be the green dot.

The only issue I can think of you having is similar to another recent post where a 50hz overhead light will cause some vibrations in the image. This can be dealt with but may cause some issues depending on what you are doing.

What is the goal of the final project? To place the green dot over something?


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