RR with delta manipulator
pablon from Poland  [11 posts]
11 year

I plan to build delta type robot (parallel manipulator) to moving collects objects from moving conveyor. Roborealm will calculate invers and revers kinematic for servos (with use C scripts) and obtain XYZ coordinates of objects moving on conveyor. The conveyor will be equipped with encoder.
I plan to use CM-700 Robotis Servo Controller and 3 Dynamixel MX-28 Robot Actuator.

Can Roborealm, through Robotis Dynamixel module, control simultaneously (at one time) 3 servos through MC-700 controller? I read http://www.roborealm.com/forum/index.php?thread_id=4006# case and I start to have some doubts about that. Do you have any other hardware recommendations?
What is suggestion regarding usage position coordinates coming from additional encoder? Should I code it on CM-700 or maybe Roborealm can support communication with some absolute encoder. I find it easier to calculate all XYZ and move vector inside C script in Roborealm.

TIA for all valuable suggestions.

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