API ported to VexPro controller
Paul Bouchier from United States  [3 posts]
11 year
I've built a couple of programs you might be interested in:
RRTest: runs the Roborealm API test from the VexPro
rrClient: sends images from a VexPro-connected webcam to roborealm and pulls back data about the shape from the Shape_Match module.

There's a sample .robo program in the directory.

They can be checked out of svn repository of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group at:

There's a README.txt in each that tells how to build & run them.

rrClient is a way to determine the position of a recognized object on the vexpro, so you can control a VexPro-based robot to seek to it, or something along those lines.

Great job on making the super solid program that Roborealm is.


Paul Bouchier
Anonymous 11 year

This is great! We had a couple people ask about the ability to do this. Thanks for putting that together. We will update the main Vex page to mention this.

Did you build it for any competition in mind? Or just as a proof of concept?

Paul Bouchier from United States  [3 posts] 11 year
Hi Steven,

Thanks for updating the Vex page. I appreciate it. Vex Robotics is a valued sponsor of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group and we try to look after their interests.

This code is a step along the way towards the Dallas Personal Robotics Group Roborama 2012a competition, which takes place next Saturday. I figured the interface from an embedded Linux system to Roborealm was likely of broader interest. It will also run on a Chumby, which is a very decent Linux controller that can be had for $30 while supplies last. I expect the Raspberry Pi to be another useful platform.

For next Saturday, I anticipate having the shape data pulled back from Roborealm used to steer Roomba towards the targets, using code on the VexPro to parse shape data and run Roomba.

My VexPro drives a Roomba, and it will seek to an orange soda can or an orange cone, in the RoboColumbus and Tabletop competitions. Details and complete rules are linked from here:


Paul Bouchier

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