Motion tracking and coloring what is tracked
Pranav from India  [9 posts]
10 years
Hi all,

I am trying to do the following.
1. Detect movement.
2. Move the camera to track that movement.
3. The operator should be able to see the image as it moves.

The idea is to move the camera in the direction of motion of the object. I do not care about recognition.

So far, I have the following pipeline.
1. I use the movement detection module to detect movement..
2. I then use the segment colors module to break down the image.
3. I then use the blob tracking module for tracking.

Am I on the right track? As of now, I am using a Microsoft Lifecam webcam for testing. The image from the webcam is blurring. I cannot tell if it is the modules that I have chosen which are incorrect or the values that I have set. I have accepted the defaults. Before that though, is roborealnm the right tool for this?

My *.robo file is below.
<Movement enabled>
  <reference_frame>Previous Frame</reference_frame>
  <raw_image>Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000</raw_image>
  <blob_image>Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000</blob_image>

In the blob tracking module, I have set the source and comparing frames to the Microsoft lifecam webcam.

Syfy from Netherlands  [18 posts] 10 years
can you post your robo file?

Pranav from India  [9 posts] 10 years
Hi Syfy,

Sure I can. I thought I posted its contents in my message.


Syfy from Netherlands  [18 posts] 10 years

i changed some settings and added modules
maybe it's in the direction you need it to be

what resolution are you using and what kind of servo controller?

Pranav from India  [9 posts] 10 years
Hi Syfy,
Many thanks for this file. I will test today and will get back to you.

I am not too sure of the resolution. I am currently experimenting with my Microsoft lifecam webcam. I have not changed its resolution. I have not determined the servo controllers I am going to use. My colleague has a SDK of a PTZ camera which is what we will use to drive the camera. I'll ask him and see what he has.

Once I get the modules working as I want, I will probably create a .net application and use that to interface with the SDK.

Pranav from India  [9 posts] 10 years
Hi again Siphi,
Thanks for the *.robo file. It is very close to what I need.

I was discussing the application with my colleague. He has now   added to the requirement. We need to track a specific object in the frame. I  added the object tracking module to the pipeline and deleted the blob tracking module to keep things clean. I trained a single image but no go. I have set roborealm to draw a orange box around the object but no go. I am attaching the *.robo file and the image I tried with.

Yes, I am experimenting very cheaply so I am using a webcam and a laptop. The real world applications will involve PTZ cameras but I need to convince my employer with a proof of concept application before I get any financial sanction.



Syfy from Netherlands  [18 posts] 10 years
you got a hd 5000 cam, then it's best you set all camera functions on
not automatic, find the best setting manualy.

in case you want more functions in your robo file you can use marker module
to sapperate them.

i have added a pix for example of how you need to make the object to recognice



Pranav from India  [9 posts] 10 years
Hi Sify,
This is exactly what II wanted. <Many thanks!

By the way, roborealm is being flakey. There are times when I get wrong results. Random objects are being recognised. Moreover, roborealm is crash at random intervals. See the crash report from the windows event logs.
Fault bucket , type 0
Event Name: APPCRASH
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: RoboRealm.exe
P3: 4f7fc177
P4: RoboRealm.exe
P6: 4f7fc177
P7: c0000005
P8: 00062174

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Analysis symbol:
Rechecking for solution: 0
Report Id: 0987724f-893b-11e1-acea-002713bb8370
Report Status: 65
Anonymous 10 years
You should have also seen a c:\RoboRealm.log file which is more useful in determining crash reasons. Be sure to also have the latest version.


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