Supported AVI types?
John Davis  [71 posts]
11 year
Which specific AVI type does RR support?  

I used MediaConvertor 7 (MC7) from ArcSoft to convert some old on-board video footage that exists now only as a .mpg file.  None of MC7's AVI three output formats was readable with the RR Read_AVI module.  The three are MPEG4 AVI, MJPEG AVI, and H264 AVI.

Windows Media Player can play these files, but RR cannot.
John Davis  [71 posts] 11 year
Should have looked further.  It appears that Media Reader can do what I need.  RR does support all kinds of format, just not via READ_AVI
John Davis  [71 posts] 11 year

Our old AVI training videos from the DARPA Grand Challenge can ONLY be read by READ_AVI, not by Media Reader.  That must be the reason READ_AVI is still in RR.

If READ_AVI ever goes away, I can always convert to some MPEG that Media Reader understands.
Anonymous 11 year

Yes, that's the reason we left it in there. The two use different methods for reading videos and we also found that some work in one but not the other ... no sure why as you'd expect they eventually work with the same Win32 routines .. but apparently not. Thus we don't expect to remove either one and do try to keep their functionality in sync (stop, continue, next frame, etc.)

Also note that the Media Reader does a better job at understanding new drivers that are installed. So if you find that you cannot read a video perhaps there is a windows driver that can be downloaded to provide access to it.

Sorry for the confusion!


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