Color Ball Detection
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I am working on a class project where I need to detect the color of black, white, or red ping balls moving down a conveyor and need to knock of the red and black balls from the belt.

Perhaps using a servo and interfacing it with RR with a servo control module to knock of the desired balls.

I am having a little bit of trouble electing the best color detection method of the passing by ping pong balls. How can I use RR to detect the ball and knock it off if it is black or red and let it pass by if it is white.


Anonymous 12 year

The best technique in your case (assuming the conveyor is NOT one of the ball colors) is to first detect circles and then determine what color they are of if not colored how bright they are.

Search for "circles" (without quotes) in this forum ... you have a lot of reading to catch up on .. :-)

Step #1 as in all vision based projects is to take pictures of as close to the final setup as you can get. Take a couple pictures so that you have a couple example. Then post at least two of there here if you have problems detecting circles.

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