Define Area of Measurement
Boris Hanke from Germany  [1 posts]
9 years

i´m using roborealm for about 2 years. We are testing some led´s with webcams and it realy works fine.

But now we have another project and i´m running out of time.

I have to check if there are any blue things in a picture from the webcam.
This works with the colorfilter but not stable.

How can i define areas in the picture where the measurement is on and off?
How can i increase the result for a color difference?

Thanks for your help.

Anonymous 9 years

We can't make any recommendations without seeing some images. Are you able to post a couple source images that show the object you are trying to track and some images where they become unstable?

As a guess, you may try the Color_Balance module in auto mode to try to keep the colors within their bounds.

If you do not wish to measure parts of the image use the Crop module to remove those parts from the image.

Have you tried the RGB_Filter module instead of the Color_Filter module?


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