Angle between two blobs
Anonymous from Greece  [3 posts]
9 years
I want to use Roborealm to make my robot dock by itself to its charger.
I am trying to find the angle between two blobs (red and yellow) in the photo.
The idea is that when the two blobs are directly one above the other, (0 degrees between the two centers of gravity) the approach is correct. I don't know what variables to put in the angle calculation module, so I get a correct answer.
If you know of a better way to achieve this task, please enlighten me.
Thank you.


Anonymous 9 years

Very close! You just needed to use

etc. in the variable boxes. Seems that you had tracking before this which was probably removed.

Note that 90deg appears to be straight down so keep in mind that the order in the angle calculation is important. I sorted the blobs in increasing Y so that regardless of if yellow is above red you will still get angles in the top hemisphere (0 to 180).

Nice idea for docking!!


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