What if I'm selling my robotics product?
Loren John Presley from United States  [4 posts]
7 years

First of all, I'm very grateful for this piece of software. I used to own it when it was free, and though you now have to pay for it, I think the developers are more than entitled to compensation for offering the public this tool to develop vision based robotics. The fee itself, is affordable too, even for a commercial use--particularly if you own a small business like I do and are on a budget. Thank you so very much.

Over the past years that I've used the software, I was impressed and intrigued by the features and the ease of use. Now that I'm able to use a trial version of the latest rendition, it's better than ever and has exceeded my requirements for my robotics projects. I would like to purchase a commercial license for my robotics project, NINA, as people in the autism community are interested in purchasing my robot. I'm currently developing a commercial line.

Now, technically, if I'm using roborealm commercially, the examples I've read include operations in a factory or whatnot (at least that's what I want to say). If I'm selling my robot to others, does the commercial license allow for packaging the vision program into the robot's main controller? Will I have to purchase a commercial license for each sold robot?

I would just like to know ahead of time so I can figure out what my costs will be and adjust my price for a NINA robot.

Thanks again. Loren John Presley
Anonymous 7 years

Thanks for the feedback! We're happy that you find RoboRealm to be a useful tool.

In your case with the NINA robot what you are asking for is to become a reseller of the RoboRealm software package which is a bit different than using it within a commercial setting like a factory.

There is some additional paperwork that needs to be done for this to happen and I can forward those to you directly.

If you could use our contact form and include your email we can get that out to you asap. It will outline the costs involved to better help you make a decision.


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