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Kathy Freeman from United States  [1 posts]
12 year
Having put together a robot from a Vex kit for the first time, I  have a couple of questions so basic that I hope someone will answer so that I can get started.  How does one load the program one develops in Roborealm on the computer into the controller that is on the robot?  It seems to connect with an ethernet connection on the controller and a USB on the computer.  Second, can you test a Roborealm program on the computer to see if it recognizes a shape before you actually put it on the robot?  
Anonymous 12 year

RoboRealm only communicates with the Vex as the Vex is unable to run a PC based program. Thus you will still need a PC in order to run RoboRealm.

The most common way to achieve your plan is to put a PC on the robot that runs RoboRealm.


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