Get colors from mouse click
MarcoP from Portugal  [1 posts]
8 years

Nice piece of software, just to begin with.

I was wondering if there is any way of using the mouse to click a image to get a color and then use the RGB filter to track that color.

Thank You
Anonymous 8 years

There are lots of variations to this. Attached is an example that tracks the color you click on using the color threshold. This will identify all the colors in the image that you just clicked on. The RGB Filter is selective to just a few colors (red, green, etc). Do you just want to track those or exactly the color you clicked on.

If you are looking for something to track specific colors the attached script can be adapted to do that too but it would then not necessarily show the actual color that you clicked on.

Anonymous 8 years
The idea was to click an object in the video and track just that object (of course other similar colors would be recognized as well).

Will look at the program.

Thank You

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