Serial command to start or stop write AVI
Andrew from Australia  [1 posts]
11 years
Hello all, I'm trying to start or stop recording an AVI using a serial command. I have an AVI write and a serial module in my process flow, how do I set it up so that the serial module can receive a command variable which will either start or stop the recording of the AVI?

I appreciate your help!
Anonymous 11 years

First step is to get a signal from a device via the serial module and set a variable that indicates "record" when the AVI module should start recording and "stop" or "pause" when it should not. Once you get a variable that has those values you plug that into the Command Variable selection in the Write AVI dialog.

The trick is how to configure the serial module to read this from another device. Assuming that it can send a string terminated with a newline you can use


in the receive sequence in the serial module which will take anything that is sent from the connected device and put it into the variable "command". That variable would then be selected/typed into the Command Variable part in the Write AVI GUI.


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