Anyone using Roomba & the Kinect????
12 year
IS anyone using Roomba and the kinect, maybe specifically the 4XXX. ?

Just curious.
Anonymous 12 year
Not to our knowledge. Perhaps using the Asus Xtion would be easier in that the extra power cable is not needed. In most of the Create+Kinect systems that extra power cable for the Kinect is problematic.

Regardless, the Roomba should work with the Kinect on it ... assuming you get the power systems figured out. As the Roomba moves in much the same was as the Kinect does I don't see an issue there.

Anonymous 12 year
So far, the Roomba IS working with the Kinect to give a picture. But, I was talking about someone having the whole navigation thing worked out.  I can do everything with Roomba status. But in RR, it just doesn't seem to work stand alone.  I figured with 10 million Kinect units out there, there was someone who had used RR to completely autonomously function.

Sorry I wasn't clear.

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