Fatubu servo values?
JayWen from United States  [2 posts]
8 years
Is it possible to adjust the "Parallax Control" module to have 750-1250, with 250=center values.  The values seems to adjust only within 0-255.  I'm using:
1)  Parallax Control module within the Roborealm program.
2)  Fatubu Servo 9157
3)  Parallax servo control module.
Anonymous 8 years
Its not possible without changing your hardware. The module produces values that the servo controller hardware understands. Changing the range will cause the controller to stop functioning.

If you instead need to convert from 750 to 1250 into 0 to 255 so that the servo controller understands the values check out the Scale_Variable module.

JayWen from United States  [2 posts] 8 years
I am using the Scale_Variable module and still not able to move my servos.  I have varified my servo and everything else as good & working.  I know that not all servos are built the same but I noticed that 0-255 works with alot of them.  Apparently, I need this servo, Futaba S9157 because of the torque needed to run my project.  Maybe I'm using the wrong values.  I spoke to the support department and they inform me that it is 1ms to 2ms with 1.5ms as being the middle. Please help.

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