Inconsistency in getVariable results
Jacquilene Jacob from United States  [6 posts]
7 years

I have been observing an inconsistency in results obtained from the getVariable method.

I used the processing code in the API. I have attached the code and the robofile. If you run it for a while (8-10 mins), you will see that the matchedPath, confidence, objects etc get mixed up or takes some junk value after the getVariable method is called in the draw function.

Here is an example of the incorrect results:

82.00000,70.55245,62.77851,130.16505,67.66449,125.44756,125.22149,65.83495,120.33550,114.00000,100.00000,92.81251,7.55041,3.00000,22.00000 : 1 : \5Jacquilene_Jacob.png : 82
Face/faces found: 84.00000,69.22789,61.64665,129.34392,64.31030,126.77211,122.35336,66.65609,119.68970,114.00000,100.00000,93.37502,7.55041,3.00000,22.00000 : 1 : MAGE_PROCESSED : 84

MAGE_PROCESSED was returned instead of Jacquilene_Jacob.png.
It gets worse for x,y points or confidence or names, when I get multiple people recognized and use the Objects list.

I think the error is happening at the server side when it forms the response.
Please let me know if you have a fix to this problem.

Jacquilene Jacob from United States  [6 posts] 7 years
.pde is not supported as an attachment. So attaching in a zip file.

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