Webcam compatibility + source code (Please help!)
James from United States  [3 posts]
7 years
Hi Roborealm,

I'm still new to this software but it looks really amazing!
I posted about a month ago but I didn't have time to really explore this software.
So today I started experimenting and I ran into some issues.
Two quick questions ! I'd really appreciate help on this.

1) I'm using the trial version of Roborealm to see its capabilities (mainly reliability in vision and speed).
The demo software works fine with my integrated webcam, however I cannot get it to work with my Logitech Webcam Pro 9000. Basically I go to "option" and select this webcam from pull down manu. When I run the webcam by clicking "camera" button, it will give me some black image with noise (see attached).
Is this webcam not compatible with Roborealm?

2) I'd like to test the performance speed of Roborealm's image processing capability. Basically I want to use 320 x 240 resolution image to find objects with certain color. Here I also want to add some filters to remove noise. Are there any sample source codes in C or C++ that I can download?

Thank you,

Anonymous 7 years

1) It looks like the format the camera is sending is probably not being understood by RR correctly. You can change the format the camera sends by selecting the Options Button->Video Tab->Format button and see if the Format dropdown contains something like RGB. Note that the format menu will look something like the attached image but may differ since that interface is created by the camera and NOT RR.

If you don't see RGB try one of the other formats. Note that YUY2 is selected in ours.

2) There is an API or Plugin framework if you want to use C++ to modify images. More about this can be found at:


Otherwise, you can have a look at the Mean and Medium filters which can be used to remove noise. Or you can post the image here and we'll take a look to see which module would work best.



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