Perl API example
Le Zhang from United States  [11 posts]
11 years
Hey guys,

   Has anyone done some api interfacing with perl, would you mind showing it to me? I'm a little rusty right now so it would help me a lot to get started!


Anonymous 11 years
Hi Le,

   Any particular reason you want to use perl?, not to start a coding war but it would be probably easier to use  python(http://strombergers.com/python/) instead and the API file (http://www.roborealm.com/downloads/API.zip) has examples of that
Le Zhang from United States  [11 posts] 11 years
its just that i know perl best and I dont like C++ or Java. I also don't know python so I figured it would be easier to just use perl. Would perl be that much more difficult? That python page u showed me seemed slightly biased if you wouldnt mind me saying. Not sure if I should take what he says to heart there.

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