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Marcus  [4 posts]
7 years

I want to read seven segment displays from different manufacturers. When I try to use your software I can see that some of the displays are hard to identify the numbers. It seems that you will need treat each display differently to be able to read the numbers. Is there a way to taking the picture so that one set of tools (Erode/Dilate 2 etc) will take all the different display's? I don't want to make 20 different setup's in Roborealm to be able to read different displays. Is this possible? What do you recommend?

Anonymous 7 years

This is possible but would require a bit more work on your side. While a standard generic technique is possible it may not work on all the different devices 100%. We are currently exploring a generic OCR technique that should work most of the time but, alas, would have failed on your first image that you showed (contrast was too low thus the gray conversion requirement).

The additional work I mention is to take images from as many of these devices as possible and work with those to create a technique that would work across all these devices. This process can be done manually but also can be automated with enough example images. The work is to gather this database of test images that we could work with to create a more generic method.

If you'd be willing to gather such a database we can certainly help to create a consolidated technique that would work on all the provided images and would have a good possibility of then working on devices whose images have not been seen.


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