Tracking 2 Overlaping Blobs
Cordel from United States  [7 posts]
12 year
In this video I have 2 white circle blobs that move over each other.
How can keep an ID for each blob. Every tracking method i have tried doesnt allow me to keep the ID and approximate position of the 2 circles.

Any ideas? Thanks.

see attached youtube video
Cordel from United States  [7 posts] 12 year
OK , I found that using circle detection, and having it put a small marker in the center of my circles, and having the blob tracker track the marker works alot better.

This is my first program in Robo and I am very scared with the performance.
I am running 6 very simple filters and using a test video from my hard drive,
and my FPS is only 6.7. I have a quad core CPU too and it olny shows as 17% usage.

Can you tell me if I am doing something stupid that is killing my framerate?
I mean if 6 or so filters is really all we can reasonably use, it would be hard to justify this program.. please have a look thanks!
Anonymous 12 year
Any chance you could place the original video that you are using online somewhere? (megaupload/dropbox)

Testing this on a webcam we get about 25fps. Sometime the rate of the video slows things down ... but that's hard to tell without the video.

Also, note the gray numbers in the right side of the pipeline. Are any of those larger than the others? Those are the timing per module. The smaller the better.

Cordel from United States  [7 posts] 12 year
Hi Steven,

here is the actual video.

I love this program,
I have my degree in EE, and realize how much work goes into something like this.
I'm sure you guys are proud as hell of it.

Anonymous 12 year

Ahh, ok, 1280x720 is a VERY large image size to be processing. Do you really need that large an image? Seems like you could crop or scale down the image quite a bit. Doing so would dramatically increase the fps.

The video is 20fps max, attached is a new pipeline that achieves the same as yours running on my machine at 16fps. Given that size of the image ... that's quite good even with simple modules. The issue is that the amount of data that needs to be processed even in a simple way is just taking too long. Adding cores will not help as there is an inherent linearity in the modules being used which cannot take full advantage of multi-cores.

At any rate, have a look at the attached robofile and also see if you can first scale or crop the image just after the media reader module.

Cordel from United States  [7 posts] 12 year
Oh wow... That helped a ton. i am getting 20 fps now at this resolution lol.
I noticed you changed my block tracking, to Current, and Source.

I had mine set to Current and Last. I was getting extra blob IDs when the circles intersected either from momentary circles beng recognized by the circle finder or my blob tracker. Seems to be pretty stable now.


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