Cordel from United States  [7 posts]
11 years

I want to be able to have a section of code that runs constantly
like an infinite for-loop. This will be the main handler, or main program loop
that will run a group of functions over and over independently of the RR processing loop.

From what I can gather, if I was to use a VBscript in a module, it will only run
every frame.

Is it possible using RR to do this or am I stuck using a seperate c++ program that
talks to RR via API or socket.
Anonymous 11 years
If you were to use LISP programming language, you can run many threads at the same time. You might want to consider since RR has a Lisp API.
valentina from Italy  [43 posts] 11 years
I think that the VBScript (or C or Phyton) code inside RR mosules works exactly in this way. Anywhere you put it in the pipeline, it is continuosly repeated so it's like a for cycle. The only thing that you need is to have your RR project open and running, the rest is authomatic. :)
Anonymous 11 years

What are you running in that loop which would be outside of the main RR processing loop? Note that since all modules are run in sequence in a loop (as Valentina mentions) you will NOT get any new information from any module until it has been run. Thus running something outside of the main processing loop means that some new information must be entered into RR outside of the main processing loop for that to make any sense. Basically, if you run faster than the main loop you'll be processing the same information since it will not update until the main loop has run at least once.


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