official Kinect interface?
Ian Bullock  [1 posts]
11 years

I was just wondering if there is anything in the works to support the official Microsoft Kinect drivers in RoboRealm. I'd rather not have to switch drivers to use RoboRealm with the Kinect.

- Ian
Anonymous 11 years

   They've already released official drivers. But the problem for me, I am using XP while Microsoft released for Windows7 only.

Anonymous 11 years

We were ontop of the MS Kinect drivers as soon as they came out but unfortunately are legally prevented from integrating them into RR. The Kinect license is for non-commercial usage ... as RR is a commercial application (we charge for it) we are banned from using that SDK until they come out with a commercial license.

In the meantime we will add better support for the OpenNI drivers.


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