Trying to get Roomba to work with RR
12 year
I have placed control and then Roomba
Next I put Navigation Mode

But , the roomba just sits there. I can't quite grasp what I am supposed to do next. This program is so powerful for those who know how to use it. But, I put those two things in the box and said run. I of course adjusted the baud rate for the roomba 400 which I am trying to control. I want it to navigate like it did in Q3. But, I cannot get the concept.

Sorry.  :-(

I have a Computer, I have Roborealm, I have them attached through the factory IO plug. The setup works when I use RoombaStatus. I can control everthing through roomba status manually. But, can't make RR control anything.

I feel it has something to do with the variables. But, I do not understand what to do. Please help!

Many thanks,
God Bless you!!
Anonymous 12 year
I tried the tutorial on how to control the roomba. I setup everything the way the picture showed.  When I hit ANY selection, the roomba started up and went in a circle. I guess that was spot clean or something. I could not get it to go right or left, backwards or forward as I do with roomba status.

Any ideas?

Anonymous 12 year

Lets backup for a minute. I assume the tutorial you mention is the web based one? Instead, run RR, clear out any existing modules (press New) and just insert the Roomba module, config for 400 series and then exit RR and start again (just to be sure that the configuration took) and see if you can get the roomba motors to move by just using the motor slider bars in the module. This will test basic connectivity and protocol exchange. Let me know if this works or not.

The 400 series has always been problematic for us for some reason. Seems that the firmware upgrade that some models require causes some weirdness in how RR operates with them. Did you use the blue or purple dongle to upgrade your roomba? Or did it just work fine without needing any upgrade?

Anonymous 12 year
I will get this info to you as soon as possible. My robot is apart and I am waiting for parts to arrive. Hopefully , soon. My 4210 discovery is stripped down to bare essentials. It has no sound or LEDs so, I don't know when it is on or off.
But, when I went through the procedure from EDV for the follow me, The robot went backwards. This was the first time it seemed to work. Also, I had the variables set to -100 and 100.  I let it set overnight and it drained the batteries. So, when I did the second test, it did not work. So, I charged it, but now it is apart. As soon as I know something, i will let you know, Steven.

I have been working for about 8 months to try to get it to do something. This is not your fault at all. I have Attention Deficit Disorder and have a hard time comprehending. Your program is GREAT! not your fault. But, thank you for the help. hope to have an answer in a week or two.



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