Wowee Rovio video issue
Dave Cohen from United States  [3 posts]
13 year
There seems to be a problem with the  video selection with the Rovio interface.  I have never been able to set the 640 x 480 video mode, even though it works on Rovio's web interface.  Even though the video resolution dialog shows 640x480, the actual resolution is 320x240.  Using the dialog, I can change video to the other modes, just not 640x480.  But selecting 352x288 mode actually produces a resolution of 285x232.

The  Rovio is running firmware 5.03 (stable), the latest shown on WowWee support.  My PC is running Roborealm 2.40.0 recently upgraded, on Win7.

Any thoughts on this?  Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 13 year

Thanks for the message. It seems that 5.03 caused some changes that were incompatible with the previous versions. We've updated the module and now get different images sizes with the latest firmware version.

Please download 2.42.2 to get this update.


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