my program takes the responsibility of reading camera image
杨进 from China  [2 posts]
8 years
    I have a question. Can I make my program takes the responsibility of reading  camera images rather than  RR? And then my program send the image datas to RR. RR  returns the results to my program .

杨进 from China  [2 posts] 8 years
Oh,I see. The Screen_Capture Moudle  seems   suitable. But  if I want to Capture  a  specified window of  a specified program, the only way I  can get seems  to  sent  the  the window's  Screen coordinates  to the module.
Anonymous 8 years
If you want to read your own images and send them to RR then check out the API.

If you want to use the screen capture module without coordinates you can specify the application name (select the "Specific Application" radio button WHEN the application is running so the name should appear in the dropdown) and RR with auto-capture that applications screen. The problem is that the application MUST be fully visible at all times. If you overlap that application with another window the capture will include the overlapped window and not the correct image. This is a limitation to screen capture ... other windows will cause the captured image to include them too.

If you are familiar with any form of programming then using the API is the way to go as that is more robust than screen capture ... but if you need a quick test/demo/etc the screen capture can work too.

Anonymous 8 years
Is  there  a example  for me?
Anonymous 8 years
Example of what .. the screen capture or the API? For the API see the first link in



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