AXIS camera problem - Only seeing the top-left corner
Gordon from Australia  [6 posts]
7 years
I have two AXIS cameras I'm working with: a 212 ptz and a 214 ptz, and both are having the same problem. The camera view seems to be limited to the top left 320x240 section, even though I'm attempting to set it up to get the full 704x576 image (or even 640x480). If I only ask for a 320x240 image, then I get it, but I was after a little higher resolution.
Is this just a limitation of the trial version? If so, I'll just buy RoboRealm, but if not I don't want to be spending money before I know it's going to work.
Any ideas on how to get the full resolution?

Also, it seems after I change any of the IPCam properties through RoboRealm, RoboRealm stops receiving the live images until I restart the program. Not a major problem, but a little annoying...
Anonymous 7 years

I assume you are using the READ_HTTP module? What url are you using? The M1031 has the resolution specified in the url ... which you would need to change.


If you are interested in getting better control over those cameras and can place them online over the internet we can create a module specific to these cameras that would also allow automatic pan and tilt. (This just done for the foscam). If this is of interest let us know!


Gordon from Australia  [6 posts] 7 years
I wasn't using the Read_HTTP module, I was attempting to select and configure video from the IP Camera in the options dialog (screenshot attached to resolve any confusion).
After reading your post I tried using the Read_HTTP module, and it seems to work fine for what I want. I don't really need automatic pan and tilt, and existing functionality is fine for my needs.


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