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Recently I have received a task to measure some similar objects ' length. Because of the movement of the objects in the assembly line ,I think if I can set a reference frame on the object, the  problem will be very easy. PPT's Vision Program Manager software supports this kind of moudle named  Origin by which I can set a reference frame.  My question is  that  does  roborealm supports this kind of  moudle  or function . thank you

Anonymous 8 years
It didn't ... but it does now. See the new Origin Probe module that has just been launched. It should be similar to what you've been using.

Also note that for some parts, like the key attached below, it can be more flexible to orient using the Orient_Image module which will orient the part the same approximate way each time and allow for smaller probes to do the final analysis. This allows for much larger translation and rotation variance than just using the probes ... assuming you don't have a part fixture or if it allows significant variance.


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