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Orin Massey from United States  [0 posts]
7 years
I'm new to this so please forgive me if this is answered somewhere and I just didnt manage to find it.   My learning project was to throw some coins on the table to see if I could identify each and just for the vb experience, see if I could total the $ result.   It works ok   The camera is Orbit AF and I used canny, circles, vbscript I would like to replace the radius number that is displayed in the center of each identified circle with a variable, in this case the quarter would say .25   the dime .10 etc  is there a reasonable way to pass a variable from vbscript to replace the radius number displayed on each identified circle?
While I'm at it I am getting a lot of jitter in the image (maybe from compact flourescent light source?) I tried average and temporal median which each helped somewhat but if possible I'd rather do it with hardware to keep from loosing any more fps due to old slow pc, any tips?
And while I am still at it   I made the decision to go from trial to liscence at my brother's house and had him to order it for me   software came up registered to his email   too late to fix that? Awesome software the ideas for application are coming fast and furious!

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